Friday the 13th

July 10, 2018

Jason at Sea: In Defense of Friday the 13th Part VIII

Ah, the late 1980s, when as far as the eye could see there was steam rising from every sewer grate, manhole cover and uncapped pipe a city could provide. At least that’s what movies would tell you, from Tim Burton’s  to Joel Schumacher’s . And the fictional city in question […]
January 28, 2016

Friday the 13th – The Game Claims Its First Victim – Kane Hodder!!

Anyone who know’s me will tell you that I’m a huge fan of 80’s Slasher movies. Specifically the big 3! (Jason, Freddy, Michael) So when news broke that Friday the 13th: The Game was in development as a multiplayer online experience, that puts you in control of Jason hunting down […]