Steven Spielberg’s ‘THE BFG’ is an Instant Family Classic!

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Instant family classic? I know…bold words…but I really loved Steven Spielberg’s The BFG! Not only is The BFG, by Roald Dahl, one of my favorite childhood books, but now the movie will be one of my favorite family films to share with my loved ones down the road! Is it a perfect film? Not really, but it’s fun, it’s different and it has a whole lot of heart! Both Mark Rylance and Ruby Barnhill turn in amazing performances here!

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  1. Kypho says:

    Because the movie had Spielberg’s name attached to the project, I think people were expected to be “blown away” by the movie. To me, I actually liked it. Rylance was excellent as The BFG and so was Barnhill as Sophie. The visuals were impressive and the other giants look great (at least they look like more human-like than the cartoon version). All in all, while not as dark as Dahl’s other adaptations, The BFG was entertaining to watch.

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