‘Star Wars: Neon Noir’ Fan Edit Turns The Prequels Into Something Extraordinary!

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November 10, 2016
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What up Geeks…

Long time, no see! What can I say? Life has a funny way of sweeping you off your feet and sending you in directions you never thought possible. Since October, I’ve been operating www.nwescapeexperience.com, which is an Escape Room in Vancouver, Washington. Business has really taken off. So much in fact, that I’m currently working on finding a new location to open more rooms! Needless to say, my life hasn’t left me much time for writing and video producing. My plan is to continue this site…but posts maybe sporadic.

What has awoken me from my slumber? A Fan Edit of the Star Wars Prequels, called “Star Wars: Neon Noir.” I’ve seen countless attempts at fan edits for the prequels, but none have ever really blown me away……until now! The fan edit was done by a Youtuber named Only Yoda Forgives. He’s literally dumped all the crappy aspects of the films and found the heart that was beating within the prequels. Combining the footage with a catchy pop synth soundtrack, the fan edit takes on a life of its own! This feels like Blade Runner and Star Wars had an affair and the results are astonishing. I’ve watched it twice through already!

Give it a watch and let me know what you think?

As always….

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