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May 13, 2016
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May 17, 2016

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It’s been 43 years since author William Peter Blatty and director William Friedkin released The Exorcist (AKA: The scariest movie in the world) to an unsuspecting movie going audience and literally scared the Jesus out of everyone. The film tells the story of a famous actress, Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) who’s temporarily living in Washington D.C., with her young daughter Regan (Linda Blair), while she’s working on a film. After finding a Ouija board in the house, young Regan begins to contact a spirit who identifies himself as Captain Howdy and of course, creepy things start to happen around the house. Kids…don’t play with Ouija boards! Slowly, Chris MacNeil begins to notice abnormal changes within her daughter, like she’s speaking in languages she’s never learned. Her bed shakes like crazy and a then Regan develops a trucker mouth to rival that of your crazy uncle Leroy and learns to projectile vomit on command. As Regan’s antics escalate to violence and possible murder, medical science is at a loss to explain her condition. There’s only one answer. The girl is possessed with a demon and the only cure is a Catholic exorcism! The film’s climax is the ultimate battle between good vs. evil, with the fate of a little girls soul at stake!

Not only is this my favorite horror film, it’s actually the first film that every scared the living shit out of me as a kid. After watching it, as an innocent 12 year old, I didn’t sleep for days! I don’t think there’s anything scarier than the thought of becoming possessed by evil demons hell bent on torturing you and everyone you hold dear! The loss of innocence in the face of pure evil stuck with me forever! The film had 3 sequels….one of which was the same film shot twice with the same lead actor. (It’s a long convoluted story!) But take my word for it, the only sequel worth watching in The Exorcist franchise is ‘The Exorcist III: Legion‘. It’s a direct sequel to the first film, written and directed by the original author William Peter Blatty and starring the late/great George C. Scott. That film has one of the best jump scares in cinema history!

Well, hold on to your pea soup Geeks,because FOX just launched their official trailer for their made for TV version of The Exorcist, which will be set during modern times! Starring Gina Davis and Alfonso Herrera, the show will tell the story of the normal suburban Rance family, who become plagued by demonic forces. Their only hope is the young/hip Priest, Father Tomas and the experienced and world weary Father Marcus.

I was fully expecting to hate this trailer, thinking it would be the typical MTV style horror reboot, like Scream or Teen Wolf. But the trailer actually got me pretty excited! It’s got some wonderful cinematography and the cast looks pretty damn good. My only complaint is Gina Davis’s face looks like it’s trying to melt off her skull. Why do people ruin their face with plastic surgery? WHY!?

The Exorcist premieres in Fall 2016!

Official Synopsis:

Widely regarded as the greatest horror movie ever made, “The Exorcist” broke box office records and terrified audiences around the world. Now, more than four decades after the Academy Award-nominated film, THE EXORCIST returns as a TV series. Directed by Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”), THE EXORCIST is a propulsive psychological thriller following two very different priests tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession. FATHER TOMAS ORTEGA (Alfonso Herrera, “Sense8,” “The Chosen”) is the new face of the Catholic Church: progressive, ambitious and compassionate. He runs a small but loyal parish in the suburbs of Chicago. He has no idea that his quiet life is about to change forever. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another priest finds himself locked in a life-and-death struggle with evil. FATHER MARCUS BRENNAN (Ben Daniels, “Flesh and Bone,” “House of Cards”) is a modern-day Templar Knight, an orphan raised since childhood by the Vatican to wage war against its enemies. Father Marcus is everything Father Tomas is not: relentless, abrasive and utterly consumed by his sacred mission. Caught in the middle is the RANCE family, members of Tomas’ parish. On the surface, they’re a normal, suburban family, but all is not as it seems in this household. The patriarch, HENRY RANCE (guest star Alan Ruck, “Spin City,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”), is slowly but surely losing his mind. Eldest daughter KATHERINE (Brianne Howey, SCREAM QUEENS) has become a recluse who refuses to leave her room. Her younger sister, CASEY (Hannah Kasulka, “The Fosters”), thinks she’s hearing strange noises coming from inside the walls. And mother ANGELA (Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Geena Davis, “Commander in Chief,” “Thelma & Louise”) has been plagued by recurring nightmares, each more frightening than the last. Angela believes there is something in the house, a demonic presence, growing stronger by the day. Desperate, she begs Father Tomas for help, unwittingly setting the naïve young priest on a collision course with Father Marcus. Separately, each faces an insurmountable task, but together they become the only hope against an evil force that has been mobilizing for centuries.


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