Independence Day: Resurgence – Spoiler Review

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June 22, 2016
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June 27, 2016

Hey Geeks!

In 1996 an event movie took the world by storm, re-igniting the nations interest in disaster films. That movie was called Independence Day. Though it was terribly cheesy, it struck a chord with me! I was a nineteen year old kid, who was still learning the meaning of freedom, having just graduated high school  the year before and who had just moved out of moms house to spread my wings! So when ID4 hit the big screen, I latched onto the American bravado it hyped. So did most of America!

20 years later, Roland Emmerich brings us the much talked about sequel, minus Will Smith. (Whom I assume passed on this flick after reading the script!) This movie angered me Geeks! It angered me big time!

Check out my review below!

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