Ghostbusters – In Defense of Leslie Jones!

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July 27, 2016
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August 2, 2016

What up Geeks!

It’s no secret that I disliked the reboot of Ghostbusters! In my review, I blasted the terrible script, the awkward tone and the lazy direction from Paul Feig! But I gave a pass to the actresses, because I honestly felt they tried their best with the material that was given to them. I voiced my opinion, felt good about and thought I had moved on from the Ghostbusters reboot forever. That is until I read about the ugly and racist attacks that actress Leslie Jones endured at the hands of internet bullies on Twitter! Hate on the film all you want but leave the actors out of it! Leslie Jones is a human being with feelings! She took a job, hoping for the best and wanted to make a great movie for all the fans to enjoy. The finished product is not her fault!

Bottom line? Be Excellent to Each Other!

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