Ghostbusters (1984) Revisited!

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June 7, 2016
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June 10, 2016

What up Geeks!

I had the pleasure of seeing Ivan Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters‘ in the movie theater for the first time, since 1984! Starring Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and the late/great Harold Ramis, the film tells the story of 3 scientists and 1 average joe, who start a paranormal ‘ghostbusting’ service. They eventually uncover a huge paranormal threat that could lead to the end of the world! We’re talking “real wrath of god type stuff…..cats and dogs living together….mass hysteria!”

The movie is on my top 10 list of favorite films of all time, so to see it in the theater as an adult was fantastic! (I was in 2nd grade when the film came out in 84) It’s amazing how well this film holds up! It was made with the perfect cast, with the perfect director at the perfect time! The practical effects were groundbreaking at the time and come across as a little dated by today’s standards, but it won’t take you out of the movie. The cast is just so perfect! They play off each other with ease and you can tell they had a great time improving with each other!

If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters (84) then you must do so immediately! You won’t regret it!

Also, check out the video review I did with Shom TV, where we discuss the original Ghostbusters and the upcoming reboot that’s opening July 15th!

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