June 30, 2016

The New Netflix Series ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Channels a Whole Lot of Spielberg!

What up Geeks! I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love Steven Spielberg! He’s my favorite director of all time! There’s something about his early work that makes me feel like a child again, so anytime a new project comes along that channels that look and feel of the early […]
June 27, 2016

Don’t Call It a Reboot, It’s Been Here for Years: Part 2

             Last week we discussed DC’s constantly rebooting universe and hopefully shined some light on some confusing changes that have been made throughout the years. But however confusing you may think it is to keep these chapters in DC’s history straight, Marvel’s story doesn’t really […]
June 22, 2016

CELL Movie Review – Spoilers

What up geeks! I’ve been looking forward to Cell, starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson for years! After all, I’m a huge Stephen King fan and after I read the book I heard that Eli Roth was going to direct the film. Well…that didn’t happen! Instead we got a […]
June 21, 2016

Internet Movie Show: Ep 3 – POPSTAR Spoiler Review!

What up Geeks! Have you been thinking about seeing Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping? Well, the guys at Internet Movie Show have a lot to say about this film! Is it funny? Is it worth your money? Should you go see it in the theater or wait for it on […]