March 22, 2016

Boot or Reboot: That is the Question

I miss nostalgia. That’s right. I have nostalgia for nostalgia. Remember when you could look back fondly at things from you childhood and think about how awesome they were the first time you laid eyes on them? Maybe you had a pony you loved. Now, you probably don’t remember having […]
March 16, 2016

Firefly: A Cult Progression

The crew of Serenity stole our hearts as we watched the relationship between Doctor Simon Tam and Kaylee blossom. We held our breath as we watched a gun fight between the crew of Serenity and Patience. Everyone was in awe of the martial arts skill of River as she took […]
March 15, 2016

Trash or Treasure: A Collector’s Conundrum

I’ve heard it a thousand times: “My comics collection is my kids’ college fund,” or “That’s my retirement in those long boxes!” Chances are, unless your kid is going to clown college and you’re retiring at 90 to live in his basement, your comics collection is, at best, a hobby […]
March 8, 2016

Blu-Ray Tuesday: Today’s Best Blu-Ray Release 3/8/16

Greetings Geeks, It’s time for another edition of Blu-Ray Tuesday, where we highlight the best new blu-ray releases of the day! Looks like with today’s new releases, we’re also getting a healthy batch of re-releases from years gone by. Let’s jump right in….   Howard the Duck [Blu-ray] From Executive […]