Blu-Ray Tuesday: Today’s Best Blu-Ray Release 3/8/16

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It’s time for another edition of Blu-Ray Tuesday, where we highlight the best new blu-ray releases of the day! Looks like with today’s new releases, we’re also getting a healthy batch of re-releases from years gone by. Let’s jump right in….


Howard the Duck [Blu-ray]

From Executive Producer George Lucas and Marvel Comics, comes the cult film: Howard The Duck! Fresh of his success from the Star Wars Trilogy and Indiana Jones, Lucas turned his attention to a foul mouthed, cigar smoking Duck from another planet, hoping to have another hit. Released in 1986, the film did not do well at the box office, due to poor reviews, but the film lived on as a cult classic on home video. It was far ahead of its time, having a duck fall in love with Marty McFly’s mom, (Lea Thompson) and battling Ferris Bueller’s high school Principal, (Jeffery Jones) in hopes of finding a way home. This one confused me as a kid, but the fact that it had duck boobies kept me coming back. Don’t ask….

Special Features: 

  • A Look Back at Howard the Duck
  • Releasing The Duck
  • News Featurette
  • The Stunts of Howard the Duck
  • The Special Effects of Howard the Duck
  • The Music of Howard the Duck
  • Teaser Trailers



*Batteries Not Included [Blu-ray]

Batteries Not Included is one of my favorite childhood movies! I have fond memories of seeing this in the theaters and not just because it was the first time I saw the Predator trailer! It’s just a great film! Starring the beloved husband and wife team; Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, the film tells the story of a group of close knit tenants who are being harassed by a ruthless real estate company hell bent on demolishing their building for profit. Just when things look their bleakest, a miracle arrives in a the form of two mini flying saucers, who use their powers to fix up the aging building, restoring it’s beauty while also teaching the residents what it means to be a family. This movie is full of heart and you and the little geek urban achievers are going to love it! It’s light on special features though. Sure would’ve been nice to get some BTS documentaries!

Special Features:

  • Theatrical Trailer

Peanuts Movie, The [Blu-ray]

From the creators of Ice Age comes the new feature based on Charles M. Schulz beloved Peanuts characters. Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the rest of the gang as Charlie embarks on a heroic journey and Snoopy battles his arch nemesis, The Red Baron. This blu-ray is packed full of special features that will keep you and the little geeks busy.

Special Features:

  • A Look Back at Howard the Duck
  • 6 Snoopy Snippets
  • Better When I m Dancin Meghan Trainor Music & Lyric Videos
  • You Never Grow Up Charlie Brown
  • Snoopy s Sibling Salute
  • Learn to Draw Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown
  • Get Down with Snoopy and Woodstock Music Video
  • Behind the Scenes of Better When I m Dancin
  • Snoopy s Playlist

Macbeth (2015) [Blu-ray]

Here’s one for the Shakespeare Geeks! Macbeth tells the story of a Scottish General, played by Michael Fassbender, who’s wife (Marion Cotillard) manipulates him to use evil means to seize the throne. From the producers of The King’s Speech, Macbeth is a dramatic reinterpretation of one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters.

Special Features:

  • Making Macbeth Featurette
  • Q&A with Michael Fassbender


In The Heart of the Sea HD3D/BD [Blu-ray]

I’m really excited to check out Ron Howard’s latest film, In The Heart of The Sea! Set in the winter of 1820, the film tells the tale of the New England whaling ship, The Essex, which is attacked and hunted by a mammoth whale with an almost human sense of vengeance. The film is based on the true story that would inspire Herman Melville to write ‘Moby Dick.’ The book only told half the story. (I know it’s a huge book right!?) The film tells the the exciting and harrowing aftermath as the crew fight for survival on the high seas. The film stars the mighty Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase, who in a sense chases the whale. The blu-ray is bursting with special features, so it’s well worth the price!

Special Features:

  • Whale Tales: Melville’s Untold Story
  • The Hard Life of a Whaler
  • Chase & Pollard: A Man of Means and A Man of Courage
  • LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE: The Real-Life Sequel To Moby Dick
  • Commanding the Heart of the Sea
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Journey’s End
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Editorial and Score
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Production Wrap
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Getting in Ship Shape
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Out to Sea
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Controlled Chaos
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Into the Tank
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log First Day of Filming
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Location Scout
  • Ron Howard: Captain’s Log Intro

Victor Frankenstein (2015) [Blu-ray]

Are you ready for another version of Frankenstein? Doesn’t matter, because Hollywood’s going to keep pumping them out anyways. This film stars James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe as Victor Frankenstein and his odd sidekick Igor. The duo work together performing experiments in hopes of unlocking the secrets of immortality, but when obsession leads to the creation of something terrifying, only Igor can save the day. I like everyone involved, but I’m not going out of my way to track this one down. If you feel differently, let me know!

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of Victor Frankenstein 7-Part Documentary
  • Galleries (Production Design, Production Photography and Behind-the-Scenes)

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [Blu-ray]

Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton fight side by side to save a whorehouse, in this slapstick musical comedy. Archer would be proud! Need we say more?

Special Features:

  • The Making of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Outtakes


You Can’t Take It with You [Blu-ray]

This one has a very special place in my heart. I’ve starred in the stage version of this once in high school and again in a large college production. The college production was the most fun I’ve ever had working on a stage play, so when this was announced for blu-ray, I immediately added it to my list! The film stars Academy Award(r) winner James Stewart (1940 Best Actor, The Philadelphia Story), Jean Arthur, Academy Award(r) winner Lionel Barrymore (1931 Best Actor, A Free Soul) and Edward Arnold in a slapstick story of two families who can’t be any more different! Arthur plays Alice Sycamore, the only stable family member in an offbeat clan of free spirits. When Alice brings home her new gentleman suitor, Tony Kirby and his snooty rich Mom and Dad, the families clash over their differing lifestyle! Based on the play by Kaufman-Hart, You Can’t Take It With You was directed by Frank Capra and won two Academy Awards(r) (1938 Best Picture, Best Director).

So there you have it folks! See you next week for another round of Blu-Ray Tuesday!

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