Battlefield 1: A Return to the Great War!

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I have been a Battlefield player ever since Call of Duty decided to turn to its storied franchise Modern Warfare. The realism of Battlefield is what drew me away from the run and gun of the Call of Duty fanboys. Battlefield’s launch title for the Playstation 4 was simply called Battlefield 4 which included hundreds of combinations of weapons, accessories, and ammunition so needless to say the folks at DICE had their work cut out for them. We the fans have been waiting for a glimpse of the newest addition to the Battlefield franchise for some time and finally, DICE has once again enticed it’s loyal fans with the launch of the Battlefield 1 trailer.

Here’s the thing…when I heard rumors that DICE was putting out a Battlefield title that went backwards in time, I was skeptical. How far back are they going? I mean, am I going to have to charge a line of American Cavalry with a bow and arrow? How do you even upgrade that? Depression set in as I thought about having to play Battlefield 4 with no more new maps.

Battlefield1_Reveal_02.0World War One was a brutal and inconvenient war to say the least. Countries were using chemical weapons, while beating each other with improved trench clubs. I mean the word fair fight really didn’t have much meaning during this trying time in the world history. There is always a silver lining however, and the silver lining is that is creates an epic backdrop for some of the most brutal and in your face combat ever seen.

Let’s start off by breaking down the trailer a bit and talking about a few keys things to atleat keep in consideration before you pre-order. I know what your thinking…World War 1, you’ve got to be shittin’ me. Just hang with me on this one because I was in the same boat, but after watching the release trailer I can say that I am truly excited about what Battlefield 1 could be.

The opening scene shows American or British soldiers being bludgeoned by a german soldier with trench club. The blood splatter on the screen made me take notice of the detail in the animations. In the backdrop of the opening scene we can see everything from blimps to barbed wire. DICE looks to be making the environment just as dangerous as the soldiers fighting in it.

battlefield-1-2A huge desert with lone horseman is in the next scene is this showing Lawrence of Arabia? In a previous statement by DICE, horses will be rideable in combat which will add a new dynamic in combat. Will we get to rush in with guns as well as mechanized weapons? The rider that we see is brandishing a sword, but upon further look we can make out that it is indeed a woman. Is she a member of the legendary Faydeen?

The next scene looks down on the battlefield as a British solder is firing a turret from a reconnaissance plane, which would make the player a more useful tool on the battlefield. This person would be able to not only call out where the enemy is but also call in artillery strikes from either naval vessels or large artillery units.

Hand to Hand combat is obviously going to vital in Battlefield 1, and that can be seen by the German soldier whacking an Allied solder in the head with an entrenching tool. During World War 1, aside from the mechanized and chemical warfare, many soldiers created their own weapons consisting of everything from nails and barbed wire to serrated shovels…the more brutal the better. This is also our first look at the Medic class which could be a unique experience in this type for battle and is shown by a set of crutches on a soldiers back. 

Battlefield1_Reveal_06.0The next scene shows the symbolic Fokker Triplane  made famous by Manfred von Richthofen aka The Red Baron, which shows the fast paced action of dogfighting. The location itself is interesting because of the deserts type of geography, which could either be in the Middle East or in East Africa. The next scene shows the destructive force of a plane flying into a windmill, this could be set in the Netherlands but the more likely location is Belgium. This scene made me take notice of the destructive engine that is in Battlefield 1. DICE’s bread and butter has always been its destructive landscapes and Battlefield 1 doesn’t seem to be any different.

Early tanks had levers which gives us our first glimpse of Battlefield 1’s tank warfare which looks to be placed in either East Africa or fighting the famed Ottoman empire. Since horses are considered a vehicle, large scale cavalry charges will be available to the player as seen in the trailer as a biplane does a strafing run past a line of charging cavalry.

Spy craft was a tactic that was widely used in world war 1, and in the next scene we see someone jumping through a window with a 1911 colt. Is this DICE’s attempt at adding espionage into the game?

The next scene has a few things going for it. Firstly, we can see the cloud of green smoke this chemical warfare was used in the trenches in all theaters of war. Artillery is present in almost every scene of this trailer, thus making me believe that there could be an artillery class that would work with the espionage to call out targets. A soldier then dons a gas mask before entering the cloud of would be mustard gas as he runs into the trenches. Is the gas mask taking one more step towards us getting gun jams?

battlefield-4Full plated body armor makes an appearance, which oddly enough is historically accurate. Meanwhile, a line of troops then gets mowed down which gives us our first look at the flamethrower class. Which class will the flamethrower be attached too? Well, it would seem from the footage either a Support or Engineer type of soldier.

We then see an air battle taking place which could be in the Alps and with a castle below this location could easily be the German alps. This would provide unique opportunities for snipers and vehicles. I just hope that if they did correct something about the game it would be the foliage around the player can be manipulated. 

Trench warfare makes its debut with a tank rolling over the top, and in my opinion this could be the most interesting part of the game. Several quick takes occur that include artillery from a ship as well as a train. Speaking of artillery if you look closely you will see the patch of the Australian tunnelers, which could be a brand new tactic added to Battlefield 1.

The final scene of Battlefield 1 is the most interesting. We not only see a giant Zeppelin but the scenery looks like some kind of French Chateau. The solider looks as if he is dazed by shell shock or in a nightmare. Is this DICE brining the psychological effects of war to the forefront?

DICE has definitely got me pumped up with the drop of the Battlefield 1 trailer. I mean, yes it is a step backward in time, but I think its a step forward with engine development. DICE has a record of making each release better than the last. Battlefield 1 looks like a highly thought out game that will provide hours of fun not only with the campaign but also with the highly anticipated multiplayer.


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