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February 6, 2016
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February 7, 2016

Written by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Frank Miller.

Fellow Geeks! It’s a new month and that means that the almost mandatory streaming service Netflix, has launched another set of films and television shows that are ready for your binge watching pleasure. Every month will be doing a review of newly released content on Netflix, as well as other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime. So with no further adieu I give you the first review of many…Sin City.

The love child of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Frank Miller became an instant classic in the realm of Neo-Noir. During the mid-nineties Sin City and Frank Miller cleaned up at the Eisner awards, which to the comic book guys, is like their Super Bowl. Comic books as of late have transferred to the silver screen fairly well given the debacle that was the latest Fantastic Four movie, but Sin City broke out of the traditional ‘Good Guy’ modality and went with the violent anti-hero archetype. The anti heros have offered up more opportunities for gritty personalities and conflicts than your clean cut, strait forward ‘Captain America’ type, which will give the film more depth.

MarvA trio of directors collaborated to create a film that changed up the monotony of the film industry, while creating memorable characters from a star studded cast. Marv played by Mickey Rourke is in an uphill battle to find a prostitute named Goldie who is played by Jamie King. Clive Owen portrays a photographer turned private investigator that is in cahoots with Gail, a battle hardened but super sexy Rosario Dawson, who decided play hardball with a rogue cop Jackie Boy (Bencio Del Toro).

Bruce Willis also makes a splash into Sin City by playing a cop with serious ‘angina’ problems who wants nothing more than to protect a stripper named Nancy played by non other than the exotic Jessica Alba. The cast is supported by a myriad of characters that give even more star power to Sin City as if it already needed it, the list includes: Elijah Wood, Brittney Murphy, Devin Aoki, Nick Stahl, and Alexis Bledel.

The film itself is a violent drama that intermingles several stories to create a brilliantly organized visual display of artistry. The directors utilized the color contrast red against the black and white of the film. The eerie voice overs render a feeling of the unknown but somehow feel familiar, maybe its my sense of nostalgia for the black and white films of the 30’s and 40’s but Sin City was masterfully done not to mention entertaining.

Overall, a solid performance from all parties involved. A change up from the traditional stories about the sentimental girl and rough guy that walk on the flawless beach somehow cant stack up too Sin City’s inherent blend of violence and sexuality. A solid choice for anyone wanting to expand their horizons into the comic book genre but not want to be put on suicide watch after watching the Green Lantern movie.


Bair Dane

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