Aliens 30th Anniversary Review!

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July 29, 2016
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In 1984, James Cameron made a name for himself with a little movie called The Terminator. The film was a huge success, launching the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Paxton. How did Cameron follow up that monumental film? Well…he made a sequel to one of the most beloved science fiction/horror films of all time. That film was Ridley Scott’sAlien‘ and the sequel was called ‘Aliens‘! James Cameron’s film took Scott’s idea in a whole new direction. It was bigger. It was louder. It was war! Sigourney Weaver returned to her iconic role as Ripley, to once again battle Alien Xenomorphs…but this time, she brought the Marines! The film was a huge commercial success and spawned a series of lesser sequels through the years.

Now Aliens is turning 30 years old! To celebrate, The Geek Abides crew went to the Hollywood Theater, in Portland, Oregon for a special screening of Aliens on 70mm!

You can check out our review of the experience below!

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