10 Ways to Fix Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Before It’s Too Late!!! (Spoilers)

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March 17, 2016
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We were the first to report on a Leaked Ghostbusters Review , earlier this month, that hit Reddit causing an uproar throughout the internet community.  It got quite a response from readers, both good and bad! I was surprised to see how many people were fooled into believing that the movie was a sequel by the trailer, but that’s the power of marketing people! After receiving numerous messages confirming the reddit post was indeed accurate and another message by someone breaking their own non-disclosure agreement, confirming that it is indeed a hard reboot, I now believe 100% that the leaked review is legit. Legit enough that other websites are now beginning to report it!

The main complaints? 

  • It’s a hard reboot. (confirmed!)
  • There’s no connection to the original continuity (confirmed!)
  • The original members have cameos, but play complete strangers. (confirmed!)
  • The writing is completely sophomoric.
  • The Jokes are not funny and there’s too much slapstick.

Sony has got to be scared out of their minds!!! I mean after all, the trailer on youtube has (at the time of this writing) 194,945 up votes and 463,706 down votes! Yes, you read that right! If Sony doesn’t step in and make some decisions quick, this film is going to be a commercial disaster!

Don’t worry Sony! I’ve got you covered. We can fix this with some quick reshoots and a little bit of editing magic! Here’s how…..

#1. Make it a Sequel

dana-ghostbustersSony’s marketing department has already embraced the nostalgia of the original movies by acknowledging that 4 scientists saved New York City, 30 years ago! This is a confusing message since it gives the allusion that it’s a sequel, even though director, Paul Feig, as repeatedly stated in interviews that this is a reboot.

“I’d rather do it as a reboot so I’m not tied to the old movies,” he said. “The old movies are so good, I didn’t want to mess with them. And I also want to see the beginnings of this group. I want to see people seeing ghosts for the first time, and how they’re going to fight them for the first time, how they develop their technology.” – Paul Feig

The real fans want a sequel and there’s no reason not to give it to them! Holding firm on the hard reboot just feels like a selfish move on the Feig’s part. His reasoning? He didn’t want to be tied to the original films and he wanted to experience what it would be like for his characters to experience the paranormal for the first time. He also wanted them to be able to develop their own equipment. Well, guess what? Making it a sequel in no way ruins that! It only strengthens your movie. There’s so much history to build on…why throw it all away? (See Jurassic World!)

#2 It’s Been 30 Years! Use That to Your Benefit!

It’s been 30 years since the original events threatened New York. In that time, paranormal activity has all but vanished. People forgot about the old Ghostbusters. So much in fact that they went out of business. It’s hard to make money when there’s no ghosts to bust and don’t get me started on the potential lawsuits they faced after Ghostbusters II. The original Ghostbusters closed up shop and disappeared into obscurity. In present day New York, we meet our new characters, who have their own first encounter with a ghost. Paranormal activity is again on the rise and this inspires them to invent their own equipment and start their own business.

#3 Acknowledge the Previous Continuity

ghostbusters1With an easy re-shoot you can acknowledge the previous continuity. Perhaps in their research into the paranormal the new lady Ghostbusters stumble on some archive footage or newspaper articles about the old Ghostbusters. It would then make sense, that a graffiti artist would be tagging the “old” logo around New York City. You could even have City Officials attempt to shut the ladies down, not wanting a repeat of what happened before. Where’s Walter Peck when you need him? Feels like a great opportunity for a cameo!

#4 Don’t Call Them Ghostbusters….

At least not yet. I’m sure the ladies would want to try and set themselves apart. It would be great to see them worry about being compared to the old Ghostbusters because they want to be different. They don’t want to make the same mistakes! They also don’t want to be laughed out of town, something that Kristen Wiig’s character already seems nervous of. Through the movie, they could try a variety of names, while they work on a logo design. Nothing sticks though…until later. (We’ll get to that.) “Who ya’ gonna call?….Ghostcatchers!!”

#5 Cut the Slapstick Comedy!

power-of-pattythe worst part of the new trailer for me is the awful Melissa McCarthy possession scene, where Leslie Jones slaps the shit out of her, screaming, “The power of Patty compels you,” sending a ghost flying out the window! Seriously? Exorcist jokes are so old and cliched that I bet 75% of the audience won’t even understand them. It just feels out of place in a Ghostbusters movie. Ghostbusters should not be a screwball, raunch-fest. You’ve got a great cast! Let them shine with smart, witty dialogue!


#6 Cease and Desist

How cool would it be, if the new lady Ghostbusters received a mysterious Cease and Desist letter from the Law Offices of Louis Tully, accusing them of copyright infringement and trademark abuse! We all know that Rick Moranis has retired and this would be a perfect way to honor him. Of course the ladies choose to ignore it, after all something strange is in the neighborhood! There’s no one else to call! Which leads us into #7!

#7 Make the Paranormal Threat Global!

We’ve already seen New York saved twice, so it’s time to take this paranormal threat global! Of course it starts off in New York, but news coverage can show the progression of paranormal reports across the U.S. and possibly other countries. When the ladies stumble onto the bad guy and discover his evil plot to unleash hell on earth, they can try to stop him with everything they got. Only they’re outmatched. The threat is too big and since they’re virtually rookies they’ll need to call in some help! Which is a perfect transition to #8!

#8 Cut the Cameos and Let the Original Cast Play Their Characters!

bill-murray-ghostbusterThis will require the most reshoots, but with a few days of shooting it could easily be edited into the film! Have the ladies track down the remaining old Ghostbusters to help them with the fight. Imagine the ladies finding Stantz, Venkman and Zeddmore, down and out somewhere doing whatever old Ghostbusters do these days. (That’s up to you Sony, I can’t write it all for you….well I could, but I expect a pay check!) Except the veterans want nothing to do with saving the world from Ghosts. Busting ghosts has brought them nothing but trouble and law suits. It even sent poor Egon to the afterlife! Ray is still paying off the 3rd mortgage! Dejected, but determined the lady Ghostbusters set off to find another way to save the world!

#9 The Pro’s Have a Change of Heart! (Bustin’ Makes ‘Em Feel Good!)

So the ladies face off against the villain in an all out, winner takes all battle for the world! They give it all they got, even crossing the streams…..which you’d think would save the day….only this time it makes it worse! And just when you think the ladies are going to bite the dust….The Pro’s ride into battle in the original Ecto-1. A change of heart sees the old ghostbusters team up with the new crew, to save the world from another paranormal bastard….only this time, witnesses capture the action on cell phone video. Over night, the Ghostbusters go viral and this time, there’s no denying they saved the day! They become instant celebrities!

#10 The Franchise Rights Alone!



The film ends with the lady Ghostbusters opening up a new Headquarters at the original Firehouse. The original ghost logo sign is unveiled as the logo for the business and we discover that the old Ghostbusters have gone into business with the ladies, starting a worldwide franchise. Not only does this open the door for future sequels, but it also opens the door for different team ups in different cities!


So that’s my 10 step plan to save Ghostbusters 2016! It’s everything the fans want and leaves enough room for the ladies to be themselves! It also opens up a whole franchise opportunity for Sony to world build! Imagine a West Coast Branch in sunny Los Angeles. Or  a low rent team in Boise, Idaho…okay that might be pushing it..but you get my drift!

What are your thoughts people? Comment and Share! Let’s get this into the hands of someone important at Sony! Save Ghostbusters!

As always,

The Geek Abides….



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    Sadly, it won’t happen. We’re just gonna get a shitty reboot.

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